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World of Amaira


Our history traces the lineage of imitation jewellery to our forefathers.

LA Krishnaiah Shetty, hailing from Lakkur, founded the wholesale jewellery business in Bangalore in 1960.


As much as a story about a jewellery company, it has also been a story about individuals demonstrating real passion for jewellery.


The third generation.

Combining creative freedom, modernism, preservation and transmission of exceptional know-how, the founder brings his exceptional vision by diving into the digital world with Amaira. The intent behind establishing Amaira is to preserve its heritage while ambitiously moving on with the current times.

"Our jewellery should be accessible to everyone irrespective of the occasion. Our customers come to us for exciting new pieces, must-have collections and amazing classics. We've really focused on the product mix and edit and will see over 100% growth in the coming year".

Amaira, stands for the one who is forever beautiful. The brand is driven by an unwearyingly source of inspiration – to create a name and value in the industry. As for its products, each of them is distinct, sophisticated, compelling and has a unique emotion infused in them. The world of imitaion jewellery, old and new, has never been so accessible, with thousands of designs just a swipe and a tap away. The surf is most definitely up with Amaira!

Our Logo

For us the beginning of the ‘new’ indications a sense of transformation – a time to appraise life in its current state and set goals for establishing change. The butterfly in our logo symbolizes transformation and joy. Its dance mirrors the need for movement from where we are to our next phase of being.

Our Promise

We will try our best to meet the highest standards of design, quality, service, innovation and environmental performance.

Like the butterfly, we will undergo multiple changes (metamorphosis) to make your experience better.

We will never use child labour in our business, or source from anyone who does not abide by our code of conduct.

We will always offers transparency on our site by equipping consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

We will always practice ethical business practices in a simple and consumer-friendly way.

Our Core Values

Quality & Value

We provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Passion & Fun

While we are passionate about our products we believe buying jewellry should exciting and fun.

Integrity & Service

We provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Giving Back

We support and enrich our local community, our staff and our vendors.

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