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Temple Jewellery

Ravi Necklace Set
Regular price Rs. 3,501.00 Rs. 3,409.00
    Lakshmi Bangles
    Regular price Rs. 4,260.00 Rs. 2,109.00
      Neelima Bangles
      Regular price Rs. 2,169.00
        Ishani Bangles
        Regular price Rs. 2,349.00
          Uri Necklace Set
          Regular price Rs. 2,999.00
            Supriya Necklace Set
            Regular price Rs. 3,449.00
              Ersa Long Necklace Set
              Regular price Rs. 4,068.00
                Nazakat Bangles
                Regular price Rs. 2,939.00
                  Arya Tikka
                  Regular price Rs. 1,469.00
                    Avyanna long haram
                    Regular price Rs. 3,537.00
                      Meenakshi Necklace Set
                      Regular price Rs. 2,809.00
                        Naira Tikka
                        Regular price Rs. 1,233.00

                          Temple jewellery set designs : Making the right choice with Amaira online

                          Traditional temple jewellery and religious events have been synonymous since the longest of time. Celebration of the divine has been a friend of antique temple jewellery. Amaira brings to you a diverse collection of traditional temple jewellery that has a chunk of history in every piece.

                          From bridal temple jewellery that draws inspiration from many centuries, to modern temple jewellery designs, each ornament has been crafted as an ode to the roots of traditional Indian jewellery sets.

                          Temple jewellery adorns the forehead with grace and grandeur in more ways than one. That provides designers with the room to craft temple jewellery designs with an experimental approach while keeping the aesthetics firmly rooted in tradition.

                          You can relate to the difficulty involved in finding the right temple jewellery set. Amaira makes the job simpler. We help you find the perfect temple jewellery set online with utmost ease. For example, our Ravi Necklace Set is inspired by the soothing Sun, our signature Suhani Tikka derives from our temples which are architectural marvels. Choose the elements you relate to, and pick jewellery of your choice. Add an amazing temple jewellery set to your collection.

                          Wear Amaira Jewellery, carry a slice of tradition and history!


                          What is Temple jewellery?

                          It is a form of ethnic jewellery that represents temples, gods and goddesses and celebrates our cultural heritage by paying tribute to the architectural marvels. You can find a lakshmi pendant, maang tikka collections or jewellery designs that celebrate your favourite gods.

                          What constitutes a great Temple Jewellery Set?

                          There is no definition of a great jewellery set. You lend a definition with your choices. Be it style or occasion, your fashion jewellery personality sets and changes the trend. Browse through our collection and pick bridal temple jewellery or antique temple jewellery of your liking.

                          How do I choose temple jewellery designs for my wedding?

                          The answer isn’t simple. It isn’t complicated either. And there’s no one answer. If you identify with traditional bridal jewellery deeply rooted in cultural heritage, you can opt for a Naira Tikka on Amaira.com. If you opt for something intricate and occupies less space, our Arya Tikka design might be the right company for your bridal outfit.

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