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Jhumka Earrings

Aral Jhumkas
Regular price Rs. 2,800.00 Rs. 1,548.00
    Damini Jhumkas
    Regular price Rs. 1,530.00
      Srilakshmi Jhumkas
      Regular price Rs. 2,124.00
        Aruni Jhumkas
        Regular price Rs. 1,116.00
          Arin Antique Hangings
          Regular price Rs. 1,242.00
            Taarika Jhumka
            Regular price Rs. 2,592.00
              Aahna Antique Jhumkas
              Regular price Rs. 1,467.00
                Astha Jhumkas
                Regular price Rs. 1,460.00
                  Dhatri Jhumkas
                  Regular price Rs. 1,728.00
                    Adrita Temple Hangings
                    Regular price Rs. 2,030.00 Rs. 1,030.00
                      Archi Jhumkas
                      Regular price Rs. 1,683.00
                        Aanya Hangings
                        Regular price Rs. 2,800.00 Rs. 1,294.00

                          Latest Earrings for Women: Traditional and Fancy Jhumka Earrings Design

                          Girl’s earrings have always been ornaments of fascination. New earrings designs for women are flooding the market and fashion lovers are lapping it up. While some of the latest, fancy earrings designs are a rage, traditional jhumka earrings always have a place in any earrings collection. While big jhumka earrings were mostly a part of the Indian styles, they are now finding favour among a lot of western countries. 

                          Even though earlobe piercing is found more commonly, cartilage piercings are also sought after, despite a higher recovery time. A perfect pair of girls earrings not only complement the look but elevate it. At Amaira, each ornament has been crafted as an ode to the roots of traditional Indian jewellery sets. Be it fancy earrings designs or antique jhumka earrings, each piece has been designed to celebrate your identity with pride and confidence. 

                          Each of our latest earrings designs for woman is a blend of old, new and something special for you. Something for every occasion. Something for every individual. Choose your style and celebrate being you!

                          Indulge in your fashion statement. Choose from a wide, eclectic range of custom made earrings, traditional jhumka earrings, fancy earring designs and much more! We’ll follow with new earrings designs that add to your collection and make for perfect outfit partners to all occasions. 


                          Why Amaira? Choosing the right earrings for your style. 

                          The answer to this is simple. The earrings, necklace and all the ornaments have a unique design that brings together exquisite craftsmanship, eclectic and visually stunning design. 

                          Also, Amaira has a wide variety of jewellery to choose from. The brand recognizes the different styles individuals look for and makes ornaments that blend into multiple fashion choices seamlessly. 

                          What are some of the best pieces of jewellery by Amaira?

                          Aral Jhumkas, Dhatri Jhumkas, the exquisite Taarika Jhumkas are some of the most visually stunning pieces of jewellery. Aanya Hangings, Adrita Temple Hangings and others will add a piece of history to your collection. Every piece of jewellery narrates a story of our rich cultural heritage and tradition while adding the right mix of modern jewellery design approach. 

                          How do I choose the perfect Jhumka Earrings for my outfit?

                          The answer depends on two factors. One, your style and two, the occasion. If it’s a grand Indian wedding and a silk saree is your fashion choice, Amaira’s Aahna antique Jhumka Earrings, SriLakshmi Jhumkas will make for perfect companions to your outfit. 

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