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Maang Tikka

Nara Tikka
Regular price Rs. 609.00
    Arya Tikka
    Regular price Rs. 1,469.00
      Naira Tikka
      Regular price Rs. 1,233.00
        Jhalak Tikka
        Regular price Rs. 882.00
          Geet Tikka
          Regular price Rs. 1,324.00
            Falguni Tikka
            Regular price Rs. 1,152.00
              Mishka Tikka
              Regular price Rs. 1,017.00
                Vaishali Tikka
                Regular price Rs. 1,012.00
                  Ridhi Tikka
                  Regular price Rs. 1,534.00
                    Omisha Tikka
                    Regular price Rs. 1,308.00

                      Antique Maang Tikka Online, The Amaira Way!

                      Maang Tikka design holds an extremely important place in Indian weddings and religious events. It goes beyond the fancy style element and assumes a sacred place in Hindu wedding tradition. It’s a type of forehead jewellery that provides room for many experimental designs that also retain a traditional cultural appeal.

                      Maang tikka is called by different names in various states across the country, for example, it is called as borla or rakhdi in Rajasthan, a state in the northwestern part of the country. On the other hand, it is called Baitale Bottu in Kannada, a language spoken in Karnataka, which is a state in South India.

                      Earrings With Maang Tikka: It’s All About Choice and Rejoice

                      While finding the right bridal maang tikka online requires a lot of mulling over and efforts, let us briefly understand the basic classification of maang tikka that helps in simplifying the process.

                      Everybody has their own style. While some prefer big, oversized maang tikkas, others would opt for smaller and subtle maang tikkas. Not just that, there is an array of choice even in terms of the material used. Some go the gold and diamond way, while others clearly choose the silver way. Also, round maang tikkas and diamond shaped maang tikkas have a separate following.

                      Even though maang tikkas are exquisite as a standalone piece of jewellery, choosing the right earrings with maang tikka can elevate the bridal look and carve a niche of its own. You can browse through Amaira’s maang tikka collection as well the earrings collection to find the pair that appeals to you the most.

                      We are happy to help you find a stunning jewellery pairing for your wedding or your friend's wedding. At Amaira, we like to share our love for jewellery with your passion for design and craftsmanship. Happy jewellery shopping!

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