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Artificial Bangles

Heer Bangles
Regular price Rs. 3,552.00 Rs. 1,499.00
    Hoor Bangles
    Regular price Rs. 3,690.00 Rs. 1,859.00
      Zoe Bangles
      Regular price Rs. 5,092.00 Rs. 3,499.00
        Noor Bangles
        Regular price Rs. 4,999.00 Rs. 2,499.00
          Chaitaly Bangles
          Regular price Rs. 3,816.00 Rs. 3,699.00
            Ziba Bangles
            Regular price Rs. 2,376.00 Rs. 1,389.00
              Angel Bangles
              Regular price Rs. 1,669.00
                Gautami Bangles
                Regular price Rs. 2,086.00 Rs. 899.00
                  Dhairya Bangles
                  Regular price Rs. 2,513.00 Rs. 1,197.00
                    Aria Bangles
                    Regular price Rs. 1,299.00 Rs. 1,259.00
                      Zarf Bangles
                      Regular price Rs. 1,629.00
                        Purvi Bangles
                        Regular price Rs. 5,750.00 Rs. 2,769.00

                          Artificial Bangles for Daily Use and Wedding Bangles: Finding Your Niche

                          Choosing the right bridal bangles set can be confusing at times. You have to factor in the attire, occasion, your style statement and much more. At Amaira, we help you make the choice easier. With our alluring designs, your search for the perfect bangles online will find an assuring and reliable answer.

                          Bangles are almost indispensable to most celebrations in Indian culture and tradition. Every state, every region has its own take on the classic bangles. While the most basic of classifications categorises bangles into solid cylinder and split, cylindrical spring opening/closing type, Indian wedding bangles set is a vast pool of innumerable variants and in design and intricacies.

                          Bangles for women can be found in various styles and designs and will be a great friend to your wedding outfit. Be it a lehenga, salwar suit, or a traditional Indian saree, Amaira has all the jewellery answers.

                          Girlish bangles online : Navigating through the problem of plenty

                          A simple google search for information about different types of Indian bangles and bangles set reveals that styles and designs vary with a few hundred kilometres of travel. Every design, material carries years of history, generations of folklore and serves as a window to history. It’s not just about that, it’s mostly about the visual appeal that speaks beauty in different ways to different people.

                          Art is that, isn’t it? Fancy girlish bangles online shopping can help you understand this problem of plenty. Amaira has all the answers in store and for all seasons. If you’re looking for jewellery that transcends the hurdles of trends, niche and limited appeal, www.Amaira.com is definitely for you!

                          Come, browse through our jewellery collection and see if you go for the opulent Neelima Bangles or the more subtle Adhira bangles. On the other hand, you can surprise yourself with the unique Heer Bangles or even the slice-of-history-heavy Chaitaly Bangles.

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