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Choker Set

Anjali Choker Set
Regular price Rs. 4,683.00
    Ananya Choker Set
    Regular price Rs. 4,104.00 Rs. 3,799.00
      Poornima Choker Set
      Regular price Rs. 3,640.00
        Malaika Choker Set
        Regular price Rs. 2,871.00
          Shradha Choker Set
          Regular price Rs. 6,925.00 Rs. 5,900.00
            Sharar Choker Set
            Regular price Rs. 2,376.00
              Athira Choker Set
              Regular price Rs. 4,194.00
                Barini Choker Set
                Regular price Rs. 4,941.00
                  Devika Choker Set
                  Regular price Rs. 4,068.00
                    Shwetha Choker Set
                    Regular price Rs. 4,572.00
                      Abhirami Choker Set
                      Regular price Rs. 5,914.00 Rs. 4,914.00
                        Hayat Choker Set
                        Regular price Rs. 6,000.00

                          Choker Set Jewellery is back in vogue!

                          Traditional Choker Set is not a thing of the past. It has seen many revamp over the last three hundred plus years. Having its roots in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, choker set design has evolved through the victorian era and transformed into jewellery that has appealed to fashion and jewellery aficionados in different ways.

                          While the purpose of wearing a choker necklace was different in various parts of the world, kundan choker set has mostly been popular in the eastern part of the world and specifically in India. Be it weddings or religious occasions, it was a novelty to wear choker set jewellery as it represented opulence and grandeur like nothing else.

                          Buying a choker set online: The why, what, and how of it!

                          A choker is a close-fitting necklace made of a variety of materials and worn in many ways. The material and the style of adornment depend on the outfit, occasion and more importantly, the individual’s jewellery and fashion style.

                          A choker set, on the other hand, comprises a choker necklace of your choice and earrings of your choice too! You can choose jhumka earrings or hangings to complete a unique traditional choker set or a bridal choker set.

                          From Sumeria to the grunge era, the choker set design has experienced a few decades of lull but has never gone out of fashion. With celebrities and fashionistas promoting this exquisite and royal style, choker set jewellery is back in vogue.

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